Charmzone releases special Skin Town Gold set


Charmzone will be introducing a special set of their Skin Town Gold Cream which includes 4 ampoules which can be found in duty-free shops all over Korea 스킨타운 골드 크림&골드 앰플 세트.


Targeted towards the late-30s and 40’s, the Charmzone Skin Town Gold Cream uses 99,9% pure gold packed together with 36 ingredients including plant botanical extracts to create an anti-wrinkle and whitening cream. Cleopatra discovered the wonders of Gold on your skin during the ancient days, and till today, Gold is used as a premium skincare ingredient. Adenosine and Arbutin is included in the cream.

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  1. Hi, I love reading ur blog and u have created a terrible lemming in me! I asked a fren who was holidaying in Seoul to help me buy Charmzone and Su:m37 but she came up blank. Do u have any recommendations for Gmarket sellers for Charmzone? Was thinking of trying Beauty Mania01 for Su:m37 trialsample kits but I don’t see any Su:m37 water full sets available (or does the water full range not have any sets)? Thanks for answering my questions. – am following u on twitter (effortgirl here).

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the support. Unfortunately there are not any Sum37 Waterfull sets. However it is easy to find the Time Reset Set.

    For Charmzone, i am not sure – sorry i can’t be much help for Charmzone. You’d have to look at the sellers one by one!

  3. Thanks for the help! I’ll trial the su:m37 set (perhaps the white award or time reset) and maybe just get the water full gel lotion sample and see how things go.

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