Chanel finally releases their BB Cream–CC Cream!




The long awaited Chanel BB Cream – haha CC Cream is finally out ! Called the Chanel CC Complete Correction Cream, it will be sold for 580 Chinese Yuan ( $91 USD ).


The Chanel BB Cream uses natural deep sea extracts to deeply moisturize the skin, soothe it, hydrates it. It also has anti aging and anti wrinkle properties and gives a natural coverage.


Here are the photos :






Source : 55BBS


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  • Fendi

    Wow – thanks so much for this post! Looks great….do you have the ingredients list of this product yet? I can’t find it anywhere on the internet so far. Thanks in advance, Ann

  • yen

    it really mystifies me when people take so many pictures of the packaging but never the important side that has the ingredients listed, considering how ingredient conscious most consumers are becoming these days. most of the time there’s a picture of the back with what the bb cream claims to do and the directions but never the ingredients. apparently the application directions are more important… :-

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  • TinaOurWonderLust

    I’ll be getting the Chanel one in a few weeks! I am so excited! I received the Rachel K CC cream to try a few weeks ago and really like that one! I did a review here: Have you tried it?

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