LG advances into Taiwan : Whoo, Ohui, CathyCat & Isaknox now available!


Looks like LG is advancing into Taiwan! LG’s Isa Knox, Whoo, OHUI, Sooryehan and CathyCat is available for purchase in Taiwan.



Whoo Counter in Taipei :


台北大葉高島屋1樓 【台北市士林區忠誠路2段55號】

台北新光三越A4館1樓 【台北市松高路19號】

遠東百貨寶慶店1樓 【台北市寶慶路32號】



Whoo Counters around Taiwan :


雙和太平洋百貨1樓 【台北縣永和市中山路一段238號】

遠東百貨寶慶店1樓 【台北市寶慶路32號】

豐原太平洋百貨1樓 【台中市豐原區復興路2號】

台中中友百貨B棟1樓 【台中市北區三民路三段161號】


高雄新光三越三多店1樓 【高雄市三多三路213號】

高雄大遠百1樓 【高雄市三多四路21號】

屏東太平洋百貨1樓 【屏東市中正路72號】




For their official site : http://www.whoo.com.tw/

OHUI official site :  http://www.ohui.com.tw/

Sooryehan : http://www.sooryehan.com.tw

CathyCat : http://www.cathycat.com.tw/

Isaknox : http://www.isaknox.com.tw




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0 thoughts on “LG advances into Taiwan : Whoo, Ohui, CathyCat & Isaknox now available!”

  1. Actually, I was there in Taipei a few weeks back in mid-June, and the department stores which you mentioned inside this post carried mostly Whoo and O’hui. The prices are actually rather steep, needless to say, around one and a half to twice the Korean price, but I did not recall seeing the other brands like Cathy Cat and Sooryehan inside Xingguang Sanyue(there is a Japanese name for this department store, but what they carry is, of course, mostly Whoo and O’hui). The stock for Sooryehan and Cathy Cat could be limited stock.
    That said, Whoo does seem to sell quite well in Taipei, and so does the Japanese brands Sofina and Albion.

  2. I think that LG did make it into the Hk market, as Maria last said. There are some areas in HK which sell LG cosmetics and also Sulwhasoo, but more within the small stores. I have not been to HK before, despite having family there, and honestly, a lot of those people there might best be able to say something about it.

    Taiwan does seem to have a market for Korean cosmetics, although a small one. The last time I told a friend in Kaohsiung about the closures of brands like Missha, Nature Republic, Whoo in Singapore, she told me that pricing has a large role to play, since other brands like the Face Shop and Etude House and Tony Moly are sprouting up over the country by contrast. Taiwan seems to present a different type of market, since as Taiwanese friends all say, they do not seem to really like The Face Shop, and a large number of the branches of TFS in Kaohsiung have more or less closed down, leaving those few branches there. Of course, Taipei is another different market altogether again, and as a friend herself said, those brands which remained such as TFS, Skinfood, Tony Moly, and Nature Republic are the mass market brands, other than LG Whoo and O’hui in the department stores. Beauty CreditSomang has surprisingly exited Taiwan permanently.

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