Cathycat releases sunblock cream & spring makeup collection



LG’s CathyCat is preparing for the summer with the release of it’s CathyCat Chal Cream Cover Sunblock 찰크림 커버 선블록 ( Type this on Gmarket to purchase ).


This BB Cream is a 9 in one product! It moisturizes the skin, provides UVA and UVB protection, gives it radiance and moisture, covers up spots and blemishes, contains whitening ingredients as well as anti oxidants, and it also absorbs excess sebum with its sebum gel powder while adhering to the skin tightly to ensure long lasting coverage.


This is a BB Cream / Sunblock with a high SPF 46! Isa Knox has also exactly the same product since they’re all under the LG family. Don’t confuse this with the other product from CathyCat that has the same packaging called the CathyCat Chal Cream Foundation SPF 23


Looks like this is the trend for Foundation / BB Cream packaging these days especially with LG products. Sooryehan and Whoo also recently released foundations using the same sort of packaging which i love because i can spread the foundation out and then use my brush to dip, spread and play with it, instead of putting it on the back of my hands and making it dirty! This packaging is REALLY convenient only for foundations and BB Creams, but please don’t use this with normal skincare creams!


Cathycat releases sunblock cream &amp- spring makeup collectionCathycat releases sunblock cream &amp- spring makeup collection



Let’s see what other brands have the same pumping packaging :







And don’t forget to check out the CathyCat Spring Collection 2012 : London Vintage City Nomade Campaign





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0 thoughts on “Cathycat releases sunblock cream & spring makeup collection”

  1. Hi hope… Great review ! As usual !! Btw, i dun really get “don’t use this with normal skincare creams!” what do you mean? U mean we just skip the skin care routine? Put this bb cream on right after toner ? Thanks to clear this us for me.. Just wanna make sure

  2. haha it’s not a review! just information and news!

    no no, use an emulsion / cream before ! at least an emulsion! but if your skin is so oily, put a really good lotion/toner and then u can carry on with this.

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