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WISHTrend Wishtrend Summer Series 2 : Fight Summer Skin Problems with Wishtrend !

Continued from the WISHTrend Wishtrend Summer Series 1 : All You Need To Know About Sun Protection   Wishtrend has just released a summer recommendation products : here, but i here i will be talking about products that can be found on Wisht [...] Read More

Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge : Week 0

      Hello Beauties,   So if you missed the 1st post from the Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge, take a look at this post : here. Don’t forget that you can join this challenge too, so leave a comment below the article!.   [...] Read More

Hope In A Blog Reader’s Special : Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge

  Wishtrend has issued me a challenge : to get rid of my pores in 3 weeks so I'm calling it the Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge. Summer is around – and pore problems are going to be a huge problem for a lot of people. Will this really make [...] Read More

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