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Red Alert? : Retinyl Palmitate

    Retinyl Palmitate is the new Paraben.   Retinyl Palmitate, or simply written as Retinol ( but is different from Retinol – however both are forms of Vitamin A )  on products that claim to have Retinol, has been [...] Read More

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Nature Republic Super Hyaluron 3000

Nature Republic has released a new line of products called the Super Hyaluron 3000 which is compromised of 3000mg of Hyaluronic Acid!

Lancome Absolue Precious Cells Concentrate

Lancome introduced a new line last year called the Absolue Precious Cells which contains only one cream – and in January, it will be releasing a concentrate from the same line. The Precious Cells concentrate will feature it’s main ‘marketing’ [...] Read More

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New Skin Food Sheet Tissue Masks + New Products Lineup

Skinfood will be releasing a line of tissue sheets featuring a variety of ‘food’ ingredients :   These ‘tissue sheets’ also are actually daily masks! a) Brazilian Nut Oil Sheets( 265ml x 20 sheets – 9,900 korean won ) – [...] Read More

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Bobbi Brown BB Cream Coming Soon! :) UPDATED!

You heard it here on Hope In A Blog first! Though nothing has been officially released, it is confirmed that Bobby Brown will be releasing their own version of the very famous BB Cream next spring. Product development is already [...] Read More

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