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Vov releases light lasting line ( primer,foundation, vibrating puff)

    LG’s VoV is also gearing up for summer with the release of three products.   First off, a product that has been creating quite a buzz due to it’s exceptional light texture and long lasting adhesion : the VoV Light Lasting Found [...] Read More

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Battle Of the Vibrating Foundation BB Machines

    Introduction & Pricing     I will be including the Korean Names so you can find them on Gmarket!   For followers of the blog, you’ve seen so many articles regarding Foundation/BB vibrating machines of lately. The [...] Read More

Battle of the Snail BB Creams

    No doubt that 2011 was the Year of the Snail. We also had many BB Creams offering snail cream as a main ingredient. So, here is a comparison of the different Snail BB Creams that are available on the market currently. This proves tha [...] Read More

LG Household & Health Care acquires VOV Cosmetics

      October 27, 2011 - LG Household & Health Care, Ltd. (CEO: Suk Cha) executed a share purchase agreement on October 27, 2011 to acquire cosmetics business of VOV Corp. for 55.0 billion won.   In 2010, VOV generated 44 [...] Read More

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VoV releases winter sleeping packs

LG’s VoV will be releasing 3 winter sleeping packs to give you smooth moist skin called the VoV Pure Essential Sleeping Pack 퓨어 에센셜 생생 팩   The sleeping packs will come in 3 versions : Strawberry, Green Tea and Red Ginseng.   1. V [...] Read More

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