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It’s Skin & The Saem SAle on Gmarket

Just a reminder   -30% sale on The Saem Gmarket ( 11th – 13th ) -30% sale on It’s Skin Gmarket ( 10th – 14th ) [...] Read More

The Saem releases sun products for the summer

  The Saem has geared up for summer with the release of a few sun care products.   1. The Saem Dr. Beauty Cell ReNew Sun Cream   40,000 wons / 40ml This is from the The Saem Dr Saem Dr Beauty EGF + Snail + Syn-ake. Contains EGF , [...] Read More

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The Saem releases two L.E.D Home Treatments

This tip came from Maryana, one of the readers! This has already been released in Japan although it has not been updated neither on the official The Saem website, nor the official The Saem Gmarket page. These two home LED Treatments are both fr [...] Read More

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What’s next after snails. bees and snakes? Jellyfish with The Saem

    We’ve seen snail slime, bee venom, snake venom ( well, not really snake venom but it mimics snake venom ) – so what’s next? Apparently it’s going to be the Jelly Fish now! Dr Beauty’s whitening line Dr Beauty Ion White line will now [...] Read More

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Battle Of the Vibrating Foundation BB Machines

    Introduction & Pricing     I will be including the Korean Names so you can find them on Gmarket!   For followers of the blog, you’ve seen so many articles regarding Foundation/BB vibrating machines of lately. The [...] Read More

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