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Suiskin Edewiss Brightening Mask Review

    Introduction   A Brightening and Relaxing mask for all skin types.     Packaging     Like all the Suiskin masks, this one comes without a box. Its cover is sealed with plastic ( that’s how you know [...] Read More

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UPDATED! Win win win Hope In A Blog’s 1st Anniversary Giveaway!

    In 3 months time, it will be Hope In A Blog’s 1st anniversary, so i will be holding a Giveaway which will consist of :       1st Prize         1. Elisha Coy BB [...] Read More

Suiskin Promotions ( only limited time! )

      Suiskin is having a promotion on Gmarket at the moment. A good time to try their items! Click on the photos to be directed to their Gmarket page.       1. Suiskin Enzyme Powder Wash   [...] Read More

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Suiskin releases AquaQuench line

    Suiskin introduced their first item off their newly released AquaQuech line a few months ago. Now they have released the entire line which will consist of 5 products :   The Aqualine will contain high concentration of Vitamin [...] Read More

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Suiskin IPL Clinique & Stem Cell Stimulator BB Cream Review

    Introduction     Suiskin IPL Clinique Blemish Balm 아이투피엘 크리니크 블래미쉬밤     A BB Cream that adheres tightly to your skin, covering your imperfections all day long. Formulated with the Multi-Emulsion Polymer, or known as an oil [...] Read More

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