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Sooryehan releases anti-aging line for the 30’s

    Sooryehan has finally released a new line called the Sooryehan Choyun line 수려한 초윤 금잔화 and finally a proper oriental skincare line for women in their 20s-30s experiencing skin imbalance and early anti-aging. .   Before full fledged [...] Read More

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Gmarket Haul 30 Happy New Year Haul

      Woah. This is the first time i received such a HUGE box. It was realllllllly huge, but like only 3/4 filled so they could have used a smaller box and i would have paid less for the [...] Read More

Sooryehan releases new product from hyo line + upgrade

  Sooryehan has released a new item called from the fermentation HYO line called the Sooryehan Hyo Wrinkle Essence. 수려한 효 발효 극주름 에센스   The wrinkle filler uses  RG1 Ginseng Saponin which can be obtained by fermenting ginseng. Until [...] Read More

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The Beginner’s Guide to Asian Cosmetics Part 2 : An Asian Approach

  Continued from Part 1 : The Skincare Obsession    Today, in Part 2, we will be talking about the uniqueness in Asian cosmetics. Therefore we won’t be talking about brands that are very similar to the western cosmetics market, [...] Read More

Holika Holika + LG Store on Sale!

    LG’s official Gmarket Store which sells Sooryehan, CathyCat, Isa Knox, etc is having a 15% sales at the moment, and don’t forget you can add that 20% LG coupon that you can find on my post ‘Gmarket Tutorial [...] Read More

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