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European Safety Committee : Parabens are Safe to use

Parabens are safe to use as cosmetics preservatives although use levels for some of the compounds in the family should be reduced, according to a European safety committee. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has released its opinion on [...] Read More

IPKN’s BB Cream : Safe for now

I know this has been old news, but would like to follow up on the IPKN controversy. Tests conducted by the Department of Health on South Korean-produced IPKN BB Cream, which made the news recently after it made a woman [...] Read More

2nd Gmarket Order

Twitpic – Share photos on Twitter. Was taxed 35 euros !!!! I wish Gmarket was like Sasa, Adambeauty or Cosmo-beauty, where they mark down the price so it can escape taxes!

Officials to test BB cream to ally consumers’ concerns

An official at the Department of Health (DOH) said public health offices have gathered samples of blemish balm cream, commonly known as BB cream, for examination following a media report that some of the products being sold in Taiwan stores [...] Read More

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