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WISHTrend Wishtrend Summer Series 2 : Fight Summer Skin Problems with Wishtrend !

Continued from the WISHTrend Wishtrend Summer Series 1 : All You Need To Know About Sun Protection   Wishtrend has just released a summer recommendation products : here, but i here i will be talking about products that can be found on Wisht [...] Read More

Hope In A Blog Reader’s Special : Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge

  Wishtrend has issued me a challenge : to get rid of my pores in 3 weeks so I'm calling it the Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge. Summer is around – and pore problems are going to be a huge problem for a lot of people. Will this really make [...] Read More

Rojukiss goes premium with EGF premium kit

  Rojukiss will be releasing a premium product called the Rojukiss EGF Anti Aging Premium Kit   E.G.F. 안티에이징 프리미엄 키트.     FDA certified, the premium kit is a dual functional cosmetic product : whitening & anti-wrinle. [...] Read More

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Rojukiss helps with sunburn with the Intensive Soothing Source

Rojukiss 로쥬키스 will be releasing a serum which helps combat the redness caused by sunburn called the ROJUKISS Intensive Soothing Source 인텐시브 수딩 소스   The serum helps to lower the skin’s temperature and immediately sooths skin irritation and [...] Read More

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Rojukiss releases new products

  Rojukiss로쥬키스 has launched a new line canned the ENCA / 엔카 line for those who suffers from skin irritation and rashes as well as skin troubles such as acne, blemishes, etc.  The line contains 7 products – Foam Cleanser, Toner, Emulsi [...] Read More

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