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Subscribers Special : win a sample gift :)

    Surprise surprise. I’ve 8 gifts here for the subscribers of Hope In A Blog. I know i’ve been flooding your emails with updates lately- so sorry! I’ve prepared 8 mini sample sets for everyone here, so feel free to choose which you wa [...] Read More

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Winner Announced : Concours L’arcobaleno / L’arcobaleno Sampler Giveaway

Due to high shipping charges.. and most of the readers not keeping their end of the deal of writing a review after receiving the samples, i decided to stop the ‘Review Giveaway’ internationally. This will only be available for those who have a F [...] Read More

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Review Giveaway : ElishaCoy Wrinkle Out Collagen Essence and Aqua Whitening Pudding Cream!

Remember our 6th Giveaway? You have another chance to win this! 2 readers will be chosen to have a chance to review 4x2 = 8ml of the Elisha Coy’s Wrinkle Out Collagen Essence which contains goodies like EGF, Argan Oil, Hyaluronic A [...] Read More

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Hope In A Blog’s Review Giveaway : Beaute Derm’s BB Cream 5ml and Skin Ceramics BB Cream 5ml !

Remember our review about Beaute Derm VS Skin Ceramic’s BB Cream review a few weeks back? Great news… we have two 5ml of Beaute Derm BB Cream ( For Oily and Combination Skin ) and one 5ml Skin Ceramics BB Ceramics to give away to 3 [...] Read More

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hope in a blog’s 6th Review Giveaway ( UPDATED WITH WINNER ! )

Wow ! It’s already Hope In A Blog’s 6th Review Giveaway. Hope everyone has had a wonderful new year celebration and a great christmas. For our 6th review giveaway, we are going to be giving out a 3 weeks supply of two Elisha Coy’s Wrinkle Out Co [...] Read More

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