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Gmarket Haul 30 Happy New Year Haul

      Woah. This is the first time i received such a HUGE box. It was realllllllly huge, but like only 3/4 filled so they could have used a smaller box and i would have paid less for the shipping. I think the box itself weights [...] Read More

Re:NK releases 2011 Winter makeup Collection

Coway’s first cosmetic brand, Re:nK has introduced it’s 2011 Winter Collection called Autumn Rose 리엔케이 2011 겨울 메이크업 컬렉션.   The winter collection consists of 5 products : foundation, pact, eye shadow, blusher, and a lipstick.   Love th [...] Read More

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Gmarket Haul ~26

      My heaviest haul ever – 14 kgs!! Ordered some stuff for my mum and sister, as well as some other friends, and lots of body soap!         1. Amore Pacific Happy Bath Rose / Lavender / Superberry Essence & [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul 23

Couldn’t resist the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion of ElishaCoy’s latest Moist Up products, so a mini haul together with a few other products.     1. Coreana Vital Recovery BB Cream Pact UV IR Block   Seller : here Price : 32,400 &nbs [...] Read More

The New Generation of BB Creams : BB Essence Pact/Balm

    I tested my first BB Essence Pact/Balm today from Hera, and i was so smitten by it. It performed much better than my normal BB Creams, so i went through some research to write this article to find out more on these BB Essence Pacts. [...] Read More

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