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MULE releases 3rd makeup collection for summer

      Korea’s celebrity artist Jung Saem Mool has released it’s 3rd season – the MULE Summer Makeup Collection 정샘물 뮬 시즌3. The brand is a collaboration with LG and has created lots of creative convenient makeup! The 3rd [...] Read More

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Where to purchase MULE products in Seoul ?

    I’ve been asked many times where can fans of MULE purchase MULE products in Korea ? MULE is a makeup brand developed by celebrity makeup artist Jung Saem Mool in collaboration with LG.   You can purchase MULE [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul 32

      Another Gmarket haul done by my friends using my account. Am really broke lately because i’ve been saving up to pay for next year’s hosting so i only bought one item using my Blogger of the month [...] Read More

LG’s MULE to release spring makeup collection + brand introduction ( must read for makeup fans! )

    You probably haven’t heard of MULE, but this brand is really popular in Korea especially it’s foundation, because it is by one of the most famous Korean make-up artist that has worked with probably ALL the big names [...] Read More

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