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Gmarket Haul 35 : Amore Pacific & LG Haul !

    Like I’ve said in the previous Haul, there’s one coming real soon and it arrived today! However, not totally my haul. Like I’ve said in the previous haul too, I’ve been helping out people who have money but [...] Read More

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L’oreal pushes out new BB Cream in Asia with SPF50+

    L’oreal has released another BB Cream in Asia called the L’Oreal UV Perfect BB Max. Unfortunately for us here in Europe, L’Oreal has released some really shitty underperforming BB Creams such as the L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream [...] Read More

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L’oreal launches BB Cream and Lumi Magique line

  After the success of Garnier’s BB Cream in Europe, L’Oreal Paris will be launching a NEW BB Cream called the L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream in Europe ( or known as the L’Oreal White Perfect BB Cream in [...] Read More

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L’Oreal paris joins the BB Craze

    Hope In A Blog reported yesterday about L’oreal’s Garnier releasing two BB items – the BB Cream, and the BB Eye Roll. Now it seems that L’Oreal Paris will also be releasing their own BB Cream called the [...] Read More

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