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After 65 years, the rebirth of LG’s first ever face cream–Lucky Cream

    After 65 years, LG will be resurrecting the first ever LG Cream from the dead, called the Lucky Cream 럭키크림.   LG today is known as an electronic manufacturer, and it’s tagline Life’s Good ( LG), but many doesn’t know that it wa [...] Read More

Holika Holika + LG Store on Sale!

    LG’s official Gmarket Store which sells Sooryehan, CathyCat, Isa Knox, etc is having a 15% sales at the moment, and don’t forget you can add that 20% LG coupon that you can find on my post ‘Gmarket Tutorial 5 : Where to Win Gmarket C [...] Read More

Updated! : Amore Pacific VS LG Household Corporation

Two of Korea’s largest Cosmetics company have always been head-on competition with each other. Let’s go through the rundown on both companies. Amore Pacific Inc. (formerly PACIFIC, or Tai Pyung Yang) was a small fam [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul #18

It’s been quite sometime since we had a Gmarket Haul. The first time ever we’ve had a small Gmarket box. The box was super smashed too , but nothing bad : From our favourite Gmarket seller, Beauty Mania 01 : [...] Read More

UPDATED! : Cathycat 360 Brilliance Mascara, Missha Signature Vibrating mascara & 02 Heating Oscillating Mascara

Remember Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara? LG’s make-up brand, CathyCat, will be releasing their own versionof the vibrating mascara called the ‘CathyCat 360 Degree Brilliance Mascara’ With just one press on the button, the mascara wraps u [...] Read More

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