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Gmarket Haul 39 : Break time!

  Hohoho, this came in a tiny box this time. Why did i name this Break Time? Because this will probably be my last Gmarket haul for some time ( due to the lack of recognition of the blog from Gmarket despite having the most number of Gmarket [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul 36

    As you all know, i started to be personal shopper on Gmarket, so i have been helping others purchase on Gmarket ! Bought a few stuff myself this time now that the situation is better! Let’s see what’s in this haul this time around! [...] Read More

LAVIDA expands IRF ( Infrared Protection Factor ) line

 The success of Coreana’s new brand LAVIDA has seen rapid expansion of the brand. LAVIDA has been pushing out new lines one after another and it’s not going to stop any soon as the popularity shoots sky high. If you’re not familiar with the L [...] Read More

Lavida releases world’s first infrared sunscreen

    Coreana Cosmetic’s LAVIDA has been making waves in Korea at the moment and been doing very well. LAVIDA uses a new technology called “phytosphingosine-1-phosphate” (PhS1P) that takes advantage of inter-cell signal transfer mechanism [...] Read More

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Gmarket Haul 32

      Another Gmarket haul done by my friends using my account. Am really broke lately because i’ve been saving up to pay for next year’s hosting so i only bought one item using my Blogger of the month coupon and some leftover money [...] Read More

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