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West Meets East : Battle of the Premium BB Creams

    Introduction   Here we go face off with the Eastern VS Western Premium BB Creams. 3LAB’s BB Cream is the first western premium BB Cream at a whopping $95USD. In Asia, there are a few premium BB Creams [...] Read More

Battle of the Snail BB Creams

    No doubt that 2011 was the Year of the Snail. We also had many BB Creams offering snail cream as a main ingredient. So, here is a comparison of the different Snail BB Creams that are available on [...] Read More

Winner Announced : Concours L’arcobaleno / L’arcobaleno Sampler Giveaway

    Due to high shipping charges.. and most of the readers not keeping their end of the deal of writing a review after receiving the samples, i decided to stop the ‘Review Giveaway’ internationally. This will only be available [...] Read More

L’arcobaleno : World’s Most expensive BB Cream now on Sale!

    L’arcobaleno is now ON SALE! L’arcobaleno is produced by EratoSkin , a company that sells super expensive products with super ugly and cheap packaging. They are the company that carries one of the most expensive BB Creams in [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul #17

  A few birthdays were coming up, so we knew a Haul was definitely coming up! 1. L’arcobaleno AC-11 Super Cell Energy Blemish Balm We wrote about this a few days ago and we decided to test this out. They [...] Read More

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