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SKII, Lancome & Estee Lauder Classics on a budget!

    Remember my article on Cosmetic Products That Will Withstand The Test Of Time ? Now you can get these products if you’re on a budget…. with Secret Key. Secret Key has been known to clone famous cosmetic products such as the SK-II Fa [...] Read More

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Lancome releases visionnaire lr2412 cream ( Asia first! )

Lancome has always been one of those Western brands who has concentrated more in Asia and has released many products that are Asia-exclusive like their BB Cream the Lancome Visionnaire Lotion and Emulsion which was made only for the Asian market [...] Read More

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Best BB Creams : Hope In A Blog BB Cream Awards

    It’s been almost a year since my Top 10 BB Creams list, and there have been quite a lot of BB Creams i’ve managed to test over the past year. I’ve counted the number of BB Creams I've managed to test and use – some of them bought, mo [...] Read More

Lancome releases a pseudo-BB Cream( claims to be MORE than a BB)

      LANCOME has released a new line here in the West called the Lancome Renergie line ( don’t know if Asia will have this line ) and in that line, there is a BB Cream, but not named as a BB Cream, but instead known as the Lancome [...] Read More

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ELLE Beauty Star Asia Awards 2011

    Yeay! The winners of ELLE Magazine’s Beauty Star Asia Awards 2011 is here!   Let’s check it out :   Web Popularity  ( Online voting, online bloggers feedback )   Best Whitening Product : SK-II Whitening Spots [...] Read More

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