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Gmarket Haul 50 Part 1

Gmarket Haul is back! I haven’t been doing very regular Gmarket hauls as of lately, and have done a few over the past few years just that I haven’t had the time to post it! This is my first haul post after a year!   I waited 1 month for this [...] Read More

It’s SKin expands red ginseng snail line + new snail mask

It’s Skin has expanded their new Red Ginseng line with an eye cream! Introducing the It’s Skin Prestige Yeux Ginseng d’Escargot.   Sold in 15ml x 2 = 30ml, this line combines the anti aging power of red ginseng with renegeration and heal [...] Read More

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It’s Skin & The Saem SAle on Gmarket

Just a reminder   -30% sale on The Saem Gmarket ( 11th – 13th ) -30% sale on It’s Skin Gmarket ( 10th – 14th ) [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul 33

  I have an evil group of friends who are addicted to Gmarket but lucky to have them too! Tee hee hee. It’s Skin was having a 30% sale the other day, and the Prestige d’Escargot Ginseng Cream was sold out and appeared a day after with 30 pot [...] Read More

It’s Skin expands prestige escargot line + new bling bling nail polish

    Take your bling blings out for the summer! It’s Skin has released a new set of bling bling polish nail called the It’s Skin Luxury Spangle Nail Color!   The It’s Skin Luxury Spangle Nail Color comes in 5 different colours, so c [...] Read More

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