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Updated : List Of BB Creams Without Silicones

    Sorry for the lack of updates! Exams are just done so I have some time to update right now! Since there are more BB Creams that are silicone free on the market, i will be making a list [...] Read More

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World’s 1st silicone free BB Cream now on Ebay!

    Now, before you get excited – please don’t. This is a warning post! I know i’ve been talking about this BB Cream since its release in 2010 as its the first silicone free BB Cream, and there have [...] Read More

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BB Creams without Silicones

As famous as BB Creams have become and loved, there are also a number of those who doesn’t use BB Creams because it is packed with tons of silicones. So why the hate for silicones? Afterall the ‘smooth velvety’ feeling [...] Read More

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