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Introducing the world's first makeup ampoule: the Isa Knox Ampoule Drop Foundation. We've always known ampoules for their skincare benefits, and particularly popular in Korea where they serve as concentrated skincare treatment. This foundation [...] Read More

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Holika Holika + LG Store on Sale!

    LG’s official Gmarket Store which sells Sooryehan, CathyCat, Isa Knox, etc is having a 15% sales at the moment, and don’t forget you can add that 20% LG coupon that you can find on my post ‘Gmarket Tutorial 5 : Where to Win Gmarket C [...] Read More

LG advances into Taiwan : Whoo, Ohui, CathyCat & Isaknox now available!

Looks like LG is advancing into Taiwan! LG’s Isa Knox, Whoo, OHUI, Sooryehan and CathyCat is available for purchase in Taiwan.     Whoo Counter in Taipei :   台北大葉高島屋1樓 【台北市士林區忠誠路2段55號】02-2838-6368 台北新光三越A4館1樓 【台北市松高路19號】02-2723- [...] Read More

improve skin hydration and firmness with Isa knox x2d2 water lift line

LG’s Isa Knox will be releasing two new hydration products off their X2D2 line called the ISA KNOX X2D2 Water Lift line.     The moisture line is to combat the lack of moisture due to the high summer temperature which can acclerate [...] Read More

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Updated! : Amore Pacific VS LG Household Corporation

Two of Korea’s largest Cosmetics company have always been head-on competition with each other. Let’s go through the rundown on both companies. Amore Pacific Inc. (formerly PACIFIC, or Tai Pyung Yang) was a small fam [...] Read More

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