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Hannule and Hyosiah releases cleansing soap

Amore Pacific’s oriental medicine brand, Hanyul, has released a cleansing soap called the Hanyul Green Tea Soap 녹차비누.   Green Tea is known for its high anti inflammatory properties which soothes skin troubles. Oriental herbal essence keeps [...] Read More

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Hyosiah releases sleeping pack

Amore Pacific fermentation brand Hyosiah, will be releasing a new product called to the Hyosiah Sleeping Jelly 효시아 ‘수딩 소이 젤리’.   Giving your skin an immediate sense of moisture, the sleeping jelly ( texture similar to the upgraded Laneige F [...] Read More

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Gmarket Haul 30 Happy New Year Haul

      Woah. This is the first time i received such a HUGE box. It was realllllllly huge, but like only 3/4 filled so they could have used a smaller box and i would have paid less for the shipping. I think the box itself weights [...] Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Asian Cosmetics Part 2 : An Asian Approach

  Continued from Part 1 : The Skincare Obsession  Today, in Part 2, we will be talking about the uniqueness in Asian cosmetics. Therefore we won’t be talking about brands that are very similar to the western cosmetics market, but rathe [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul 27

With quite an amount left on my Cash Balance, some coupons/shopping reward – and a few birthdays coming soon – another Gmarket haul ! Seems like there’s always an excuse to have a Gmarket Haul! Let’s take a look of the haul…     1. S [...] Read More

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