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BB Enhancers : What are your options?

    In Korea, the trend this year in this new product which compliments your BB Creams called the ‘BB Enhancers’ ( well, they’re called Luminous Cream but Hope In A Blog is renaming them as BB Enhancers ). Long gone are the days where th [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul 32

      Another Gmarket haul done by my friends using my account. Am really broke lately because i’ve been saving up to pay for next year’s hosting so i only bought one item using my Blogger of the month coupon and some leftover money [...] Read More

Gmarket SALE Schedule for April

Here is the SALE schedule for Gmarket for the month of April   ETUDE HOUSE 2 – 11 April : Buy 1 Free 1 for Etude House Essence Mask 7 April : 30% Sale 12 April : 10% Sale   It’s Skin Ongoing : Nail Products Promotion 6th – 8th April [...] Read More

Battle of the Snail BB Creams

    No doubt that 2011 was the Year of the Snail. We also had many BB Creams offering snail cream as a main ingredient. So, here is a comparison of the different Snail BB Creams that are available on the market currently. This proves tha [...] Read More

Holika Holika on 30% sale for 2 days!

30% on the ENTIRE SHOP of Holika Holika for 2 days ( till the 15th) ! Time to try their Snail line – lovin’ their Snail BB at the moment ! Check them out here, and if you purchase them type ‘Recommended by’ for extras [...] Read More

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