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History Of Whoo releases ginseng packed wrinkle cream

  LG’s The History Of Whoo, will be releasing a brand new item from it’s premium red traditional medicine line, the History Of Whoo Jinyul line. Introducing the History Of Whoo Wrinkle Essential Cream 진율향 링클 진액고 세트 ( 40ml [...] Read More

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History Of Whoo releases First Care Serum

    It’s about time!!!!!! I’ve always been wondering when in earth will History Of Whoo release their version of the first care serum since almost every other oriental medicine skincare brand already has their own version. Introducing the History [...] Read More

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Battle Of The Luxury Oriental Medicine Skincare Part 1 : Toners

      Hellooooo everyone! I know you’ve been waiting for this post and so much time has been put into this. There are quite a few luxury oriental medicine Korean skincare brands out there – and we are often [...] Read More

History Of Whoo releases limited edition sun cream

    Good news for History Of Whoo fans! Whoo will be releasing a limited edition of the History Of Whoo Jin Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF50+ 후 공진향 진해윤 선크림 which will be sold at 58,000 wons for 90ml [...] Read More

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Best BB Creams : Hope In A Blog BB Cream Awards

    It’s been almost a year since my Top 10 BB Creams list, and there have been quite a lot of BB Creams i’ve managed to test over the past year. I’ve counted the number of BB Creams I’ve [...] Read More

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