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Beauty Shopping at Gmarket

  I’ve been wanting to write this article ever since i wrote the list of my favourite sample sellers 1 years back , and got inspired by my good friend Sasha and this tutorial is just gonna make thing easy [...] Read More

Gmarket On Sale !

There will be a great Gmarket at 9a.m Korean time… so get ready! Beauty Cosmetic brands such as BanilaCo, Enprani, Isa Knox, The Face Shop will be on sale right up till 80%, so don’t tell us we didn’t tell [...] Read More

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GMarket VIP Status Revamp!

We hinted in our Tutorials that Gmarket will be changing the VIP Status soon. It has finally been implemented today. There will be 5 classes : 1) New Customers 2) Silver 3) Gold 4) VIP 5) Super VIP You can [...] Read More

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Gmarket Tutorial : How To Search For Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo Items on gmarket ?

  Many readers have been asking us how to search for the items on Gmarket. It’s simple :       First you have to go to Sulwhasoo’s or Whoo’s official website :       a)Sulwhasoo       [...] Read More

How to evade/reduce taxes on gmarket orders!

    This is extremely important for those of you are are in Europe or America where the tax officers are very strict.   We learnt the hard way of learning how to evade being taxed, and only mastered the [...] Read More

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