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Happy Lunar New Year Giveaway ( WInners )

  Hope In A Blog would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year. The year has been a great one, I started my MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing in September and since then I haven’t been updating much, but I still try to make [...] Read More

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Hope In A Blog x Wishtrend Giveaway Collaboration

Confused ? Why is there a dragon and a cupid ? Welcome to Hope In A Blog x Wishtrend’s  first ever blogger’s event. The Dragon represents Wishtrend, the cupid – Hope In A Blog. The Dragon represents courage, power – and the cupid represen [...] Read More

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Subscribers Special : win a sample gift :)

    Surprise surprise. I’ve 8 gifts here for the subscribers of Hope In A Blog. I know i’ve been flooding your emails with updates lately- so sorry! I’ve prepared 8 mini sample sets for everyone here, so feel free to choose which you wa [...] Read More

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