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Dr Jart renews cellwake line

    Remember I wrote about the Dr Jart Cellwake line ? Well, it’s now repackaged and renewed featuring 3 new products. The entire packaging is different and now, it’s going to be even more advanced than before. Really love the ad campai [...] Read More

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Dr Jart expands V7 Line–introduces new brand concept

    Unveiling the new brand Dr Jart brand concept –> it’s not medicine, it’s derma cosmetics.     I think Dr Jart has gone a long way since it first started. The brand seems to be expanding quick, and the introduction of [...] Read More

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Best BB Creams : Hope In A Blog BB Cream Awards

    It’s been almost a year since my Top 10 BB Creams list, and there have been quite a lot of BB Creams i’ve managed to test over the past year. I’ve counted the number of BB Creams I've managed to test and use – some of them bought, mo [...] Read More

Battle Of the Vibrating Foundation BB Machines

    Introduction & Pricing     I will be including the Korean Names so you can find them on Gmarket!   For followers of the blog, you’ve seen so many articles regarding Foundation/BB vibrating machines of lately. The [...] Read More

All you need to know : BB Cream upgrades and new releases from Dr Jart

    Looks like Dr Jart is set to revamp his entire brand in 2012. After I reported on Dr Jart upgrading his world famous Silver and Black Label BB Cream ( read the article : here ) , good news for Dr Jart fans – more upgrades and new BB [...] Read More

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