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Battle Of The Luxury Oriental Medicine Skincare Part 1 : Toners

      Hellooooo everyone! I know you’ve been waiting for this post and so much time has been put into this. There are quite a few luxury oriental medicine Korean skincare brands out there – and we are often [...] Read More

Donginbi promotion! REALLY affordable prices!!

    Great news for oriental medicine skincare fans. I’ve always been a fan of donginbi but unable to find attractive prices for their items! Now you can finally purchase   Donginbi is KGC’s ( Korean Ginseng Corporation ) first [...] Read More

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Donginbi pushes out ANOTHER new line– Red Ginseng Aqua line

  KGC ( Korean Ginseng Company )’s first foray into the cosmetics world, Donginbi, is reallly expanding fast. With just the release of whitening month a few weeks ago, and now a new line already? Wow! Introducing the Donginbi Red [...] Read More

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Donginbi and LLang releases their whitening line

    KGC ( Korean Ginseng Company )’s first ever skincare line, Donginbi, have been rather popular lately. Donginbi was one of the premium oriental medicinal skincare brands that debuted last year – together with KT&G’s ( Korean Tobacco & [...] Read More

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UPDATED With Hannule ! : Gmarket Haul 31 : Winter Haul

      Winter Haul. Did this a few weeks back, but because i was on vacation, and busy updating the site after the holidays, this post is late by a few weeks! Again a group haul with my friends [...] Read More

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