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Danahan releases premium herbal line to combat skin yo-yo problem

    Danahan will be releasing an oriental herbal anti aging line for those wanting younger looking skin endorsed by Korean actress Han Ji Min! Introducing the Danahan Anti Wrinkle line 다나한 본연진       With a complete line – [...] Read More

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Gmarket Haul 37 & 38

    Didn’t expect another Gmarket Haul so fast, but my friends wanted to purchase some stuff, and some clients also wanted to purchase some new releases so here we go! This is the first time Gmarket packed their boxes this way. basically [...] Read More

Danahan releases RG-II Premium Ex whitening line

      As every companies rush to push out new or upgraded Whitening lines – Danahan will be releasing their RG II Whitening line – first with the release of the Danahan RG II Premium EX Whitening Essence RGII 프리미엄 EX 화이트닝 에센스.   [...] Read More

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UPDATED With Hannule ! : Gmarket Haul 31 : Winter Haul

    Winter Haul. Did this a few weeks back, but because i was on vacation, and busy updating the site after the holidays, this post is late by a few weeks! Again a group haul with my friends         1. Danahan RGII [...] Read More

Ecopure releases their snail cream

Danahan Ecopure will be releasing a snail cream called the Ecopure Snail Renewal Cream 다나한 에코퓨어 스네일 리뉴얼 크림.   To increase penetration of the cream into the skin, the snail mucin has been nano-liposomed and consists of 76% snail mucin.  [...] Read More

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