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Gmarket Haul 36

    As you all know, i started to be personal shopper on Gmarket, so i have been helping others purchase on Gmarket ! Bought a few stuff myself this time now that the situation is better! Let’s see what’s in this haul this time around! [...] Read More

Coreana Bihuigain releases 5-free herbal moisturizing line

Coreana renewed and upgraded their line this year with the Bi Hui Ga In line.  With summer around, they are also introducing a new line – the Coreana Bi Hui Ga In Soo 비취가인 천비방 수 line which is their hydrating line.   The line will not c [...] Read More

Updated With Links! : Coreana Bi Hui Ga In introduces two new lines

Coreana will be introducing two brand new lines to their Jade Cain line ( Bi hui Ga-in).코리아나 비취가인   The brown line will be an anti-wrinkle line, and red line will be an elasticity line. Will update when there are more details. The first pr [...] Read More

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