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Gmarket Haul 39 : Break time!

  Hohoho, this came in a tiny box this time. Why did i name this Break Time? Because this will probably be my last Gmarket haul for some time ( due to the lack of recognition of the blog from Gmarket despite having the most number of Gmarket [...] Read More

Chosungah Raw releases new celebrity cream

I gotta admit Chosungah releases products so quickly that there are times i get so confused. This time it’s no exception – there’s the new Chosungah 22 and now the Chosungah Raw. Don’t even know what is the difference between these two brands, a [...] Read More

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Cleansing serums–the next trend? Chosungah 22 expands line

We have reported about the new Chosungah 22 line here, as well as Enprani’s all that Cleansing essence snow bubble. Now we have another cleansing serum/essence from the Chosungah 22 line called the Chosungah 22 Lemon Energy Cleansing Serum 조성아22 [...] Read More

Chosungah releases new skincare + makeup collection

  I’m a little outdated here as this collection was released back in March. I kept forgetting to write about this until today! Anyway, a big fan of Chosungah Raw, so was a little excited when i saw this. However this isn’t under the Chonsunga [...] Read More

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