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BRTC releases anti pores primer balm

  BRTC is releasing a pore product to welcome summer with the BRTC Pore Minimizing Primer Balm 포어 매직 프라이.   Retailing for 29,000 wons for 15ml, this primer absorbs excessive sebum with a special powder to avoid greasy looking [...] Read More

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BRTC releases Jasmine Whipping 3D essence

      BRTC will be releasing another new item from their infamous Jasmine line for autumn called the BRTC Jasmine Whipping 3D Essence   쟈스민 3D 휘핑 에센스.     It is a 3 layer whipping essence and consists of [...] Read More

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UPDATED! Win win win Hope In A Blog’s 1st Anniversary Giveaway!

    In 3 months time, it will be Hope In A Blog’s 1st anniversary, so i will be holding a Giveaway which will consist of :       1st Prize         1. Elisha Coy BB [...] Read More

BRTC releases multi vital 10 system

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from BRTC, a brand that is known for their BB Creams. BRTC will be releasing a line called the Multi Vital 10 System line which looks awfully like Dr [...] Read More

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BRTC expands the 3d waterful jasmine line

  Remember we reported a while back regarding the BRTC Waterful Jasmine Balm and their infamous Jasmine BB Cream ? Now BRTC will be releasing 3 more products off the Jasmine 3D Waterful Line. Jasmine has the ability to balance [...] Read More

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