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What’s in the Wish Box ? Find out here!

      I’ve been wanting to write this for some time, and was inspired by Sasha after reading her review on the 1st Wishbox. Ever wondered what was in the contents of the 1st Wishbox ? You can find [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul 30 Happy New Year Haul

      Woah. This is the first time i received such a HUGE box. It was realllllllly huge, but like only 3/4 filled so they could have used a smaller box and i would have paid less for the [...] Read More

Berrisom releases snail line

  Berrisom has released their snail line… no surprise. Haha. The line now consists of only 2 products, but will probably be expanded with time. 1. Berrisom Repairing Snail Cream 리페어링 스네일 크림   – Contains 70% of snail secretion [...] Read More

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Amazing Berrisom deals on Gmarket!

      Meet Park Min Young, the real-life girlfriend onscreen and offscreen of Korean actor, Lee Min Ho from the hit-drama series City Hunter. She is the face of a cosmetic brand called Berrisom which features the Super Berry [...] Read More

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Berrisom releases aloe vera gel

    Berrisom will be releasing a concentrated aloe vera gel called the Berrisom Aloe Vera 90 Hydra Soothing Gel 베리썸 알로에베라 90 하이드로 수딩 젤.   Aloe Vera gels are a huge hit in Korea during summer and brands [...] Read More

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