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Updated: Hope In A Blog Beauty Awards 2013

  I’ve tried so many products over the past year, and haven’t wrote reviews about them so I thought that I’d just sum up the ones that I loved through this post! Don’t hesitate the products that you have loved over 2013 too! One of the reason [...] Read More

Battle Of the Vibrating Foundation BB Machines

    Introduction & Pricing     I will be including the Korean Names so you can find them on Gmarket!   For followers of the blog, you’ve seen so many articles regarding Foundation/BB vibrating machines of lately. The [...] Read More

New Product Buzz : World’s First Natural Protein Enzyme Breakdown Cosmetics

    This product has been making waves lately, appearing on CNBC, as it is the world’s first natural protein breakdown enzyme Protease which breaks down old dead skincells to prevent aging and accelerate metabolism for healthy skin. &nb [...] Read More

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New BB Trend ? Meet the BB + Makeup Base Corrector

  After the huge success of BB Creams – we’ve seen many other spawns of it : BB Pact, BB Powder, etc. The current trend now is the BB Base. I’ve been seeing this product in a few brands lately that is quite new to me. At first i thought that [...] Read More

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