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Elishacoy 3D Spin Cleanser review

      The original automatic brush cleanser was made famous non other than the Clarisonic. Clarisonic dominated this market for quite some time with other lower end brands like Neutrogena trying to emulate this success. After the vi [...] Read More

The Comparison Between The Hitachi Ion Cleansing Machines

Remember a review that i’ve written about the Hitachi Ion Cleansing Device here ? I’ve grown to really love it that i upgraded it to the high-end version a few months back. I felt that it was also even better than my Clarisonic which was why i so [...] Read More

Battle Of the Vibrating Foundation BB Machines

    Introduction & Pricing     I will be including the Korean Names so you can find them on Gmarket!   For followers of the blog, you’ve seen so many articles regarding Foundation/BB vibrating machines of lately. The [...] Read More

latest beauty gadget craze : 24k gold beauty bar

    Introducing the latest cosmetic gadget that is selling like Crazzzzzy in Asia. This product has been selling like hot cakes and has been introduced in numerous Asian TV programs which has shown it’s effectiveness live on TV.   [...] Read More

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Top 10 Skincare Items that has Changed my skincare Routine.

Inspired by Joseibi’s 10 Wonder Products for Dry and Dehydrated Skin, I decided that i would do my own Top 10 list of Skincare Items that has changed my Skincare routine forever. I would be doing a full-scale review of these 10 items soon. [...] Read More

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