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Updated: Hope In A Blog Beauty Awards 2013

  I’ve tried so many products over the past year, and haven’t wrote reviews about them so I thought that I’d just sum up the ones that I loved through this post! Don’t hesitate the products that you have loved over 2013 too! One of the reason [...] Read More

world’s first red men lipstick

I knew that this was going to come sooner or later. Korean men, always a step forward, thanks to the K-pop idols. Here we have the world’s first men lipstick in red. And who other to endorse it than the confident and sassy, G-dragon from Big Bang [...] Read More

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Welcome to Korea the male narcissim capital of the world

Here we have an interesting article on CNN earlier this week. Will this trend spread slowly to other Asian countries? In any way, it’s a big step already since Western men are not at all open to the idea of Men-makeup! What do you think about thi [...] Read More

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Happy Lunar New Year Giveaway ( WInners )

  Hope In A Blog would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year. The year has been a great one, I started my MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing in September and since then I haven’t been updating much, but I still try to make [...] Read More

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BB Cream, CC Cream,,, and now DD Cream ?

    First came the BB Cream, and later on we saw the CC Cream…. and right now there have been apperance of a new type of DD Cream. Confused ? Well, let’s go through all 3 at the same time. But trust me, this are just marketing propagand [...] Read More

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