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Amore Pacific releases CC Cream

    Welcome 2013, CC Cream domination in the west ? Seems like Amore Pacific’s AMORE PACIFIC, their upscale brand for the western market ( still very confused with this brand’s value proposition ) will be releasing their version of [...] Read More

Sienna Miller signed up as Amore Pacific’s first Caucasian spokesperson

    Amore Pacific’s first ever white-model is none other than Sienna Miller. ( who? ) Okay, i don’t really know who she is also but i think she was most famous being the ex wife of Jude Law. Honestly, [...] Read More

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Gmarket Haul 33

  I have an evil group of friends who are addicted to Gmarket but lucky to have them too! Tee hee hee. It’s Skin was having a 30% sale the other day, and the Prestige d’Escargot Ginseng Cream was sold [...] Read More

Korean Cosmetics For Newbies

    I’ve been flooded with emails about Korean brand recommendations… so I’ve decided to write this post to introduce the different Korean brands and the typical Korean mass brands, high-end brands – basically the more well known ones.   [...] Read More

Amore Pacific releases new serum

    Amore Pacific will be releasing another new product in March called the Amore Pacific All Day Balancing Care Serum 올 데이 밸런싱 케어 세럼 ( 40ml / 140,000 wons ) or in short the ABC Serum.   The [...] Read More

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