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Gmarket Haul 39 : Break time!

  Hohoho, this came in a tiny box this time. Why did i name this Break Time? Because this will probably be my last Gmarket haul for some time ( due to the lack of recognition of the blog from Gmarket despite having the most number of Gmarket [...] Read More

Allvit releases super premium line

Allvit is taking over slowly as my favourite oriental herbal  brand – and i am excited to share this news – eventhough i could never afford them – the Allvit Youth Replenishing line 올빚 혜올 The line will have 5 products : 1. Allvit Youth Re [...] Read More

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Gmarket Haul 33

  I have an evil group of friends who are addicted to Gmarket but lucky to have them too! Tee hee hee. It’s Skin was having a 30% sale the other day, and the Prestige d’Escargot Ginseng Cream was sold out and appeared a day after with 30 pot [...] Read More

Donginbi and LLang releases their whitening line

    KGC ( Korean Ginseng Company )’s first ever skincare line, Donginbi, have been rather popular lately. Donginbi was one of the premium oriental medicinal skincare brands that debuted last year – together with KT&G’s ( Korean Tobac [...] Read More

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Battle Of The Chinese Medicine Cleansing Oil : Allvit VS Whoo

    Introduction     Allvit Damgyeol Cleansing Oil Gel For those of you who are not familiar with Allvit, it is an oriental chinese medicine skincare brand by Woongjin Coway which are famous for their water purifiers. It is t [...] Read More

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