Donator’s Special : Win a BB Cream + deluxe samples!


Without my donators, there won’t be a Hope In A Blog. They keep my blog going without me having to worry about money issues and update as i want and helped me through a difficult time! So i want to give back to them as a gesture of my gratitude.


If you have donated to Hope In A Blog before, you are eligible to enter this competition. It is only for those who have donated before this post!

Here are the rules :

If you have donated more than USD$10 and above : Pick a BB Cream of choice ( choose 3 BB Creams and list them in order 1,2,3 with 1 being your 1st choice ) + A deluxe sample.

If you have donated less than USD$10 : Pick a BB Cream of your choice ( choose 3 BB Creams and list them in order 1,2,3 with 1 your preference )

With your choices, state the first part of your email adddress you donated with paypal. ( if your email add is, just write down xoxo )

BB Cream choices :



  • Lotree
  • Senite
  • Zino
  • O’lee
  • Mizon
  • Dr Brandt – only if you have tan skin or want tan skin

These BB Creams have been used and reviewed but there’s still definitely 3/4 left ( or more! ) and they are kept in a cool dark place so no worries! You know how i love and respect cosmetics, so i take good care of them.


Deluxe samples ( for donators that have donated $10 or more in addition to the BB Cream of your choice ) :

  • Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream
  • History Of Whoo Chung Yeo Essence – oily / trouble skin
  • Sooryehan Sang Hwang Cream
  • Sulwhasoo Overnight Sleeping Pack
  • Sulwhasoo Renogdimn Dual Care – anti aging + sun care + heat care
  • Sooryehan Bicheak Whitening Ampoule


– Obviously, your package will contain more samples than this as i will fill them up if they have not reached the 250g mark.


Shipping charges are as followed ( 100g – 250g )  :

France  : Mini Max – 250g – 2.80 euros ( charges paypal inclus )

Europe : 4.30euros + 0.40 (paypal charges) = 4.70 euros

Rest Of The World : 5.90 euros + 0.50 ( paypal charges ) = 6.40 euros

To check out the postal charges , click here

0 thoughts on “Donator’s Special : Win a BB Cream + deluxe samples!”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for organising this!

    My choices are:

    BB cream: Mizon, O’slee, Senite
    Deluxe sample: Sooryehan Bicheak Whitening Ampoule

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