LG’s Beyond releases blemish fixing cream


LG’s natural and plant based brand Beyond, will be launching two new products to combat Melasma, blemishes, pigmentation and freckles.

The Beyond’s Phyto White Ultimate line uses the Anti Kinesin therapy which prevents the activation of the formation of melanin cells.


In addition, 11 kinds of plant based ‘Phyto-White Complex 11’ effectively controls melanin and restores your skin’s elasticity.


The line consists of two products, the cream and serum, which creates an excellent synergy when used together.


To buy this on Gmarket, search for 피토 화이트 얼티밋 세럼(50ml / 49,000원) (serum), 피토 화이트 얼티밋 크림(55ml / 49,000원) (cream).



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0 thoughts on “LG’s Beyond releases blemish fixing cream”

  1. Hi Hope!
    I’m curious whether this brand is truly 100% natural? After finding out all the ‘safe toxic’ chemicals used in Su:m37 as well as Sulwhasoo and Sk-II (only 3 I looked up so far), I am in the search of a good skin care line from Korea or Japan that has no toxic chemicals in it.
    Thanks again! <3 your blog

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