Berrisom releases snail line


Berrisom has released their snail line… no surprise. Haha. The line now consists of only 2 products, but will probably be expanded with time.

1. Berrisom Repairing Snail Cream 리페어링 스네일 크림


– Contains 70% of snail secretion filtrate ( average compared to the other snail creams in the market offering up to 90% now )

– Contains EGF and other anti wrinkle and whitening ingredients

– Royal Jelly extract to nourish and moisturize skin

– Contains the patented Berrisom AO5 Formula which is an extract from 5 types of berries.


2. Berrisom Repairing Snail Serum 리페어링 스네일 세럼




– Same thing except that it contains 80% of snail mucin compared to the 70% in the cream

– Contains Vitamin B5 derived from carrots.

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