Gmarket Haul 35 : Amore Pacific & LG Haul !




Like I’ve said in the previous Haul, there’s one coming real soon and it arrived today! Open-mouthed smile However, not totally my haul. Like I’ve said in the previous haul too, I’ve been helping out people who have money but no time to figure out the complicated Gmarket for a fee. I didn’t realize that all the items were either from Amore Pacific or LG, two of Korean biggest cosmetic manufacturers!


I’ve been really proud of what i have been able to achieve with this blog especially when it comes to the French and the Russian audience. The traffic has also doubled for the past 3 months, so it’s good news that more and more will be able to discover fantastic Asian cosmetic brands here!




At least now they know that LG doesn’t just manufacture handphones, washing machines, television but skincare as well, and that Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree, etc are all under one giant company Amore Pacific. I was even more surprised when the local French asked me to help them purchase Lirikos and Beyond – more surprised that they even know these brands existed. I’m also super happy when they tell me how fabulous the Su:m37, Hanneul, etc products are! I’m sorry that i have no been introducing much Japanese , Chinese or Taiwanese brands but i felt that there are so many English blogs out there that talk about them, but few are about Korean cosmetic. Because of the blog, more and more are starting to shop on Gmarket which i guess is a good thing for their business! If Gmarket is reading this and is looking for a Gmarket Beauty ambassador, i can be their next G-Dragon ! LOL! 


Currently, the French are more familiar with the mass brands like Etude House, Tony Moly, etc because of the cute packaging – but i have noticed that they have also started to pick up interest on the more unknown brands internationally like Hanneul, Allvit, Beyond, Belif, Sum:37. I wish my articles could be translated to every language out there to reach a wider audience, but unfortunately, i am a one-man-show and there is only so much i can do ( that is also one of the reasons why i have not been concentrating on Japanese, Korean, Chinese brands because just the Koreans one are a handful of work!  ). However, if there are any readers out there who would like to contribute news on any Asian skincare, please do so by emailing me at !


Ok, i feel like I’ve been talking too much. So let’s continue with the haul :




1. Belif Tinted Moisturizer Powdery B.B 

Seller : here

2. Belif Tinted Moisturizer Basic BB

Seller : here

3. Belif Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop BB

Seller : here






Belif is a new brand that LG introduced last year based on the English herbalist, Napiers. The line is an organic brand which doesn’t use a lot of nasty chemicals. This seller gave quite a few Belif samples. The Belif BB Creams are actually small and tiny making them look so cute!

I’ve tried the samples of all 3 BB Creams and i gotta say they’re all rather good. My favourite is the Waterdrop BB Cream as it’s moisturizing! The initial colour was really orange and dark, but i was really surprised that after rubbing it, the colour changes and becomes neutral beige. The Basic Tinted Moisturizer is more like a BB Cream than a tinted moisturizer. Same goes to the powdery tinted moisturizer BB.





4. Lirikos Marine Radiance BB Cream ( Special Set )

Seller : here

5. Lirikos Marine Sheer Water BB

Seller : here





This is funny! I actually ordered this from two different sellers, but they came in one box. I’ve always ordered from the first seller seller because of his cheap prices ( BCCOS & Skin4u ), but one thing is that the seller NEVER EVER provides samples, so i was really shocked that this time a few samples were included. So it must have been because i ordered from the 2nd shop that the samples were included. Anyway, Lirikos is the La Mer of Amore Pacific. It’s star product is the Marine Ampoule and the Marine Oxygen Essence. I tried the samples of both BB Cream and really liked them! So those who have been wondering about Lirikos BB Creams can get this with ease. They’re both hydrating and light !






6. Beyond Auro White Skin Aura Perfecter

Seller : here





The packaging really caught me off guard because it was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! I do think that Beyond is an excellent organic line by LG that is really affordable! Their whitening line last year won a few major awards, especially their whitening cream. I would recommend that you try Beyond if you’re looking for an organic brand! It is against animal testing, fragrance free, preservatives free, mineral oil free and the packaging is recyclable. You can purchase refills for this BB pact too Winking smile 






7. Su:m37 Air Rising Dazzling Base

Seller : here


8. Su:m37 Air Rising Dreamy Foundation

Seller : here


9. Su:m37 Air Rising  Tinted Moisturizer

Seller : here


10. Su:m37 Air Rising Perfect BB

Seller : here




This buyer always takes a week ( or more ) to ship items, but his prices are kindda attractive. He also gave 2 free Beauty Friends mask which i forgot to take a photo of. If you don’t mind the wait, you can purchase from them. My buyer here seems to be a huge Su:m37 fan, and bought the entire line! I’ve always wanted to try their makeup line. Their sunscreens were excellent – so i’m sure these products are. The Dazzling Base is the most famous product in this line as it has won several beauty awards. I’ve tried a sample and it’s really ace! Has anyone tried anything from this line ?





11. Hannule HydraPeak Serum

Seller : here

This is Hannule’s latest serum which is also suitable for those with oily combination skin as it contains the pickering powder which helps absorbs excess oil while hydrating the skin. Hannule is also a top notch quality chinese herbal brand from giant Amore Pacific.




12. L’Oreal UV Perfect BB Max

Seller : here


It’s half priced with this seller ! There have been a few requests for this BB Cream, and now you can get it on Gmarket! To check if it’s similar to the other L’Oreal BB Creams like Lancome, La Roche Posay, Heleba Rubinstein – i took a swatch and compared it to the Helena Rubinstein BB Cream. I would have to say that the texture is alike – but without that greyish clay tone that the Lancome or Helena has. It has more of a typical Asian BB Cream shade.



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  1. am drooling over these products..and so tempted to try Su:m37 Air Rising Dazzling Base…does it gives you a glow????

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