Brand Introduction : LG Household Care Corporation introduces New Organic Herbal Brand : Belif


One of Korea’s biggest cosmetic company (after Amore Pacific) , LG Household ( same company that produces handphones, televisions ) has gone the organic natural way. The powerhouse company that houses luxury brands like The History Of Whoo, OHUI, Isa Knox (for mature skin), Vonin ( men skincare brand ), Lacvert ( to fight Amore Pacific’s Laneige – brand for younger skin), Sooryehan ( The History of Whoo for younger skin – or also known as the cheaper History Of Whoo – for women in their 20-30s ) recently introduced a new herbal natural and organic brand named Belif – as interest in natural cosmetics is growing in Asia itself.

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We think LG is really clever to do this because there is a lack of organic natural skincare brands at Korea at the moment, and is probably trying to challenge Amore Pacific’s organic natural skincare brand – Innisfree, but Belif is more of a luxury brand compared to Amore Pacific’s Innisfree who is catered to teenagers and young adults. Belif will in fact be LG’s 4th luxury high end brand brand after Ohui, Whoo, and su:m 37 ( don’t know why Isa Knox isn’t categorized as a luxury brand by LG ).

This is LG’s first brand that doesn’t use mineral oil, fragrances , parabens or synthetic preservatives, artificial coloring. Sad to say that their other brands contain these ingredients, even the amazing History Of Whoo. I hope one day they will make The History Of Whoo mineral oil and fragrance free !

Belif’s line consists of about 44 products including five types of herbal cleansing formulas, three types of herbal extract toners, three types of moisturizers, three types of essences, three types of creams, one eye cream, four specialized products, two types of sunscreens, two types of B.B. creams, six types of masks, six body line products and five products for men.

Brand Concept




Brand Philisophy






Belif products usually come in simple white background which contains labels that ressembles chemical bottles in a lab. In addition, by using simple containers, removing unnecessary packaging, and selling within a reasonable range of KRW 10,000 to 60,000, it can be considered a practical, daily-use, natural herbal cosmetic.

Brand Lines

1) The Dark Baby Blue Line – Balancing Line, (for oily/combi skin)


2) The Lime Green Line – Moisturizing Line ( for normal skin/ combi skin)


3)  The Pink Line – for sensitive irritated skin.


4) Bright baby blue line – Hydration line ( Star products line)


5) Purple Line – Anti aging/ wrinkle line


6) Grey Line – First Aid Line (Mask Line)


7)  Dark Orange Line – Sunscreen Line


8) Light Orange Line – BB Cream Line


. Three Types of Toners Belif Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner/Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner/Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner

. Three Types of Essences Belif The True Anti-Aging Essence/Hungarian Water Essence/De-Wrinkle Treatment Essence

. Three Types of Moisturizers Belif Oil-Control Moisturizer Fresh/Milky Moisturizer Hydra Balancing/Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist

. Three Types of Creams Belif The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb/Aqua Bomb 50ml, KRW 38,000/De-Wrinkle Treatment Cream

. Five Cleansing Products Belif Crystal Cleansing Foam Fresh/Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist/Cleansing Oil Fresh/Cleansing Gel Oil Enriched/Gentle Cleansing Emulsion

. Four Types of Special Line Products Belif Anti-Mark Correction Serum/The True Facial Oil/Tea Tree Oil/The Balm Almighty

. Eye Cream Belif Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream

. Two Sunscreen Products Belif UV Protector Multi Sunscreen (Whitening and sun protection) Belif UV Protector Fresh Sunscreen

. Three Types of B.B. Creams Belif Tinted Moisturizer Basic B.B./ Powdery B.B./Waterdrop B.B.

. Five Men’s Products Belif Manology 101 Facial Cleansing Foam/Alcohol-Free Toner/Essential Moisturizer/ Energizing Body Wash/Energizing Body Emulsion

. Six Types of Masks Belif First Aid – Deep Pore Care Mask/Aqua Rush Mask/Overnight Skin Regeneration Mask/Overnight Brightening Mask/Overnight Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask/Anti-Hangover Soothing Mask

. Six Body Line Products Belif Delightful Refreshing Body Wash/Delightful Body Moisturizing Emulsion/ Delightful Body Balm/Delightful Body Oil/Velvety Coat Hand Cream/Sugar Coat Lip Balm

Star Products

They have 4 star products :





Where to purchase?

Currently there isn’t any place online that sells this product.

I saw some sellers on Gmarket that started to sell this brand but none of them would ship overseas.

I have also tried emailing and twittering the Belif staff, but no one replies to my tweets nor emails Sad smile

So the only way to get this product if you have someone in Korea, if you’re going there for a holiday , head over to their store located at  :


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