Get Clean shiny nose with Belif



LG’s Belif will be releasing a new product called for the ‘Belif Nose Shine Boy’. Whaaaaat? You can call it the Belif Blackhead Remover Oil Balm instead.


So this new product of LG is supposedly suppose to give you that superstar shinning like a little star nose. No, not shining with oil, but because it’s clean and smooth ! Anyway, the Belif Nose Shine Boy is a balm that helps to remove blackheads gently. It also helps protect and soothe the skin after that.


Belif is a european herb brand.. so for this product, Calendula is used to help remove blackheads and shrink pores because of its astringent properties. It also contains Cleaver herb which contains high amount of vitamin C to help brighten and give vigor to the skin after the removal of blackheads.


How to use this product? After cleansing, place an appropriate amount of the balm on dry area with blackhead, and use your finger to massage with a circular motion for about 5 minutes until the blackhead falls out! Wipe with tissue and if you want, rinse your face with water or proceed with toner.

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