New Product Buzz : World’s First Natural Protein Enzyme Breakdown Cosmetics




This product has been making waves lately, appearing on CNBC, as it is the world’s first natural protein breakdown enzyme Protease which breaks down old dead skincells to prevent aging and accelerate metabolism for healthy skin.


Here is the English press release of the product :


Insect Biotech (CEO Young-Jin Cho,, which received the technology transfer for the advanced high-efficiency protein breakdown enzyme Protease Arazyme developed by Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology(KRIBB), has developed the cosmetic product ONB (One Night Beauty) ‘Arazyme’, ‘ONB(One Night Beauty) Arazyme peeling Gel’ 매일사용하는 아라자임 필링젤 which is hitting its stride to foreign markets.

According to the research team of Dr. Ho-Yong Park of Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, “U.S. CNBC aired a special program related to Arazyme, and it earned positive reviews from various countries worldwide.”

Arazyme is the world’s first natural protein breakdown enzyme Protease separated isolated from the microorganisms inside the intestines of Korean silk spider, based on the idea that there must be some microorganism that helps the digestion of the spider by taking note of the mechanism of how the spider eats its prey and digests it. The ONB Arazyme Peeling Gel is the nature-friendly skin cosmetic product developed utilizing such Arazyme.

Through ‘Arazyme’ research using biotechnology, the high-efficiency protein breakdown enzyme Protease produced by the microorganisms can maintain high activity at human body temperature and also under refrigeration, and its commercialization is recognized as a successful case of finding the blue ocean of biotechnology.

Insect Biotech obtained KT certification for Arazyme technology from Ministry of Science and Technology in March, 2002, and in 2005, it completed registration on CFTA (The Cosmetics Toiletry and Fragrance Association) as cosmetic material, and also completed patent registrations in 26 countries around the world.

The recently introduced ‘ONB Arazyme Peeling Gel’ with such Arazyme as its main ingredient breaks down the old dead skins off the skin to prevent aging and accelerate metabolism for a healthy skin. Also, it removes the dead skin layer and protein substances to maintain the skin smooth, thus helping various make-ups to easily be absorbed to the skin.


Also, the increased popularity of the product led to participation of Su-Kyeong Chun, a Korean musical actress in the launching.

Insect Biotech CEO Young-Jin Cho said “being a world-class natural enzyme, this release is drawing the attention not only domestically but also overseas,” and “the specialty of including natural enzyme Arazyme using biotechnology is believed to have been the opportunity for it to grow worldwide amid many other Korean-wave cosmetic products going overseas.”

In the meantime, Insect Biotech ‘ONB Arazyme Peeling Gel’ development and release was conducted through the 2010~2011 Total Design support project, a support program for outstanding small and medium businesses of Daedeok R&D Special District Support Headquarters, and for this project, the global design group Tangerine and marketing-consulting specialist Studio Cross Culture provided consulting.


Credits : Insect Biotech,

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