WIshtrend FOrtune Box Review



So, those of you should have already gotten your boxes by now. This is Wishtrend’s limited edition version of the Lunar New Year Red Fortune Box which is available in limited quantities and in an extremely affordable price! Let’s check out what we have in this box :


Of course, how could we forget the most important thing ? It’s the red packets which is really the highlight of the Lunar New Year. For those not in tune with Asian Culture, red packets are given during the new year usually to family, friends, and relatives as they are a symbol of longevity. They contain cash inside!




The products are really packed to perfection and care! The products are packed separately in a big plastic bag :




Sneak preview of items contained in this limited edition box ( it was also a concidence that the red creepers used to protect the goods fit perfectly into a heart shape! )







There was even a delicious fortune cookie attached! Guess what was inside? A coupon code for your next purchase…. ( Secret to share with all of you : the discount code is ‘ HAPPY2013’ ! )




First of, we have the KLAIRs Rich Moist Soothing Cream. No animal testing, alcohol, paraben nor artificial coloring – this cream is a hydrating cream to be used during winter. Tested it briefly and loving it so far, and perfect for this dry winter. Full review to come soon!




Next up, we have the Skin & Lab K Plus Red X Cream which uses Vitamin K, which was once discovered to be a miracle cure for dark eye circles. They later on discovered that due to the principles on how Vitamin K worked, it could also be an anti-redness cream. It removes redness by binding the capillaries and veins in the skin tissue. In addition, it delivers nutrients directly to the under eyes and make them radiant and bright, alleviating appearance of dark circles. A double cream that can be used for both your dark eye circles as well as an anti-redness cream.




Next up, we have one of the hottest selling Korean cosmetics of 2012 – the OST Original Pure Vitamin 20 Serum. This contains a hefty 20% of pure Vitamin C which helps in whitening, removing blackheads, pore tightening, anti aging. Basically, an all-in-one! This serum also won the SURE Beauty Award 2012, and coherent to the RED FORTUNE theme –
this serum is known as the Red Bottle in Korea!




Other than those 3 FULL SIZED items above, the box also came with deluxe sample size of the Confume Argan Treatment Oil which is a hair treatment oil, the SkinMiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack Sampler, and the Caolion Pore Minimizer Program which consist of the pore opener and pore mask.





And a perfect deal for those who purchase this box : you have an option of purchasing the all newly launched Skin and Lab Dr Color Effect Red Serum which is an all in one serum which aims to give you radiant, smooth and moisturized skin at a 20% discount!


At an amazing value of only $30USD, considering that the K Cream ( $15 ), the Rich Moist Soothing Cream ( $ 24 ) and the Vitamin C Serum ( $ 25 ) cost a total of $65 – you’ve got yourself an amazing deal at more than 50% cheaper than purchasing them seperately! Basically you are purchasing the Serum at Full Prize and receiving two full sized creams as a gift, plus 3 deluxe sized samples!


Full review of the products will come soon. This box will be a limited edition box which will only have limited quantity, so hurry up if you’ve always wanted to try the Klairs cream or the OST Serum. The box can be purchased : here

And of course, Wishing all a very happy Lunar new year and may all your wishes come true this year ( which will be flawless skin ? ). What’s your new year resolution ??

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  1. I also purchase this box so I didn’t want to open the link so I won’t be spoiled but … I couldn’t. I can’t wait to receive this box and try the product and see the free samples, I especially hope there will be anti-aging samples for my mom.
    I’m happy with that discount since I want to buy more product hehe *-*

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