THe Mizuno Tenshi Mizuten Gels Review






Mizuno Tenshi Gels, or Mizuten Gels are best-sellers in Japan. The most famous and the first product of this line is actually the blue coloured one called the Mizuno Tenshi Skin Treatment Gel. The first thing that caught my eye about this product was this tv show experiment where the gel brought alive a dead plant! Here is the video :


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  1. ha ha as if you dont know:)
    well the way you handle each and evry one’s query and needless to say your honest reviews really does make this blog so wonderfull…is is indEed HOPE IN A BLOG and i will also be saving money to contribute for this blog

  2. no actually haha i still feel the blog is lacking in many ways. i vision it to be a site like the japanese cosme site someday but lol that is too big of a dream!

  3. Awesome blog
    Just wanted to let anyone in the bay area USA , that you can drop by the Mitsuwa store in Sj & grab this in store by a fraction of buying online international

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