The History Of Whoo Secret Court Cream Review & The History of whoo ja saeng bichup essence Review


Introducing the Feng & the Huang ( Feng Huang simply means ‘phoenix’)  of The History Of Whoo ( or in the west – i guess you can say the Batman and Robin of the History Of Whoo ).  These two products were made for each other and as one they make an unbeatable duo.

  • Secret Court Cream

According to the history of Ancient Korea State Dynasty, daughters from royal families had to go through the years of competition in order to win over the Queen’s Throne.  In 1502, after series of intense competition, the daughter of Lee Ja Kyung was formally announced as Queen In-Ye : the 11th Queen of the dynasty.  During the competition, Queen In-Ye was under continuous pressure of learning Royal courtesy and regulations.  As she forced herself staying up all night, her porcelain skin had become damaged and listless.

Noticing young Queen’s skin problem, her soon to be mother-in-law, passed the Royal Court Beauty Secret on to Queen In-Ye.  Based on the story of Queen In-Ye, we have created the Secret Court Cream & Lip-Balm.  Containing 32 ingredients that were once available only for the Court Royal members, the Secret Court Cream & Lip-Balm will bring the elixir of youth, vitality and energy back to your skin.

Secret Court Cream is a super-moisturizing cream specially designed to protect your skin from aging and dryness.  Containing 32 herbal medicinal ingredients that were once available exclusively only for the court royal members, Secret Court Cream brings youth & energy back to you skin.  It’s condensed ointment-type cream melts down instantly on your skin.  You can apply it thoroughly on your face and on troubled spots as much as you please.  Do you have the what it takes to be a royal Empress?  Experience the Newest product by The History Of Whoo.

An ointment type cream that rejuvenates and revives tired skin.  Uses 32 precious herbal ingredients from the royal courts of emperors and empresses.  Anti-wrinkle, elasticity, and evening out the skin tone function.  Experience the power of the Royal Courts that have been kept secret for hundred of centuries.  The newest addition to the Whoo family.

*excerpt taken from Royal Beauty Cosmetics

  • Bichup Ja Saeng Essence


Bichup Ja Saeng Essence is the typical essence of ‘The history of Whoo’ which cares every skin troubles. It contains ‘Chojahabidan’ which has skin self-generation effect and ‘Gongjinbidan’,’Gyeongokbidan’,’Cheongsimbidan’ which are three secret noble processes from Royal court. You can experience self-generation, wrinkle improvement, moisturizing, elasticity improvement and better complexion of skin with continuous use of Bichup Ja Saeng Essence for more than 2 weeks.

[Queen’s secret compound to allow skin to regain strength – Bichup]

The essences of vitality, Chojahabidan and the 3 court secret compounds enable your skin to strengthen by itself. You can experience self-strengthening of your skin by self-recognizing skin troubles with Bichup Ja Saeng Essence containing court secret healing elements.

Before the Bichup Ja Saeng Eseence, Whoo had 3 types of Essence namely the Kyung Ok Essence (Cures extremely dry skin by strengthening Yin in the skin. It is effective for moisturizing.) , Gongjin Essence ( Gives energy to the skin. Lacking energy brings about aging and lowering resilience. So, Gong Jin Be Chub helps restoration of the skin by giving energy.) and the Chung Sim Essence (removes waste and toxins from the skin created by ‘over heating’ of the body and cure skin troubles like acne, etc ) .


Because of production costs, LG decided to combine these 3 essence into one – and thus the Ja Saeng essence is born. Therefore it contains the 3 properties of the 3 previous essence – it cures skin problems like acne, removes waste products, gives resilience to the skin, and moisturisez your skin. It is an all-in-one serum, and no need to purchase 3 seperate serums anymore!

The Ja Saeng Essence can be used with ANY creams in the History Of Whoo. That is why is is place in an entire line of it’s own called the ‘Bichup’ line.


  • Secret Court Cream



Fabulous! The cream comes in a huge round jar and it looks so gorgeous! It is very solid and has two beautiful Chinese phoenix as it’s main packaging theme. However, the packaging isn’t very hygienic! They should have included a little stick for us to be able to scoop up the cream without having to touch it.




The phoenix is a symbol of heaven’s favor, virtue and grace, luck and happiness. It is worshipped as one of the four sacred creatures presiding over China’s destinies ( the other three are dragon,tiger,deer / turtle ). As the cream is under the Gongjinhyang Yin & Yang line – the phoenix is the best feature to describe this. Phoenix is always associated and symbolizes the union of the yin and yang. The phoenix is also made out of the elements typifying the entire cosmos of the six celestial bodies ; It has the head of a cock which symbolises the sky (the eyes, the sun); the back of a swallow as the crescent  moon; its wings are the wind; its tail represents the planets (trees and  flowers); and its feet are the earth.

The male phoenix is named “feng” and is the yang, solar, fire bird, but as the female “huang” it is feminine, yin, and lunar. The feminine aspect denotes beauty, delicacy of feeling, and peace. The Feng and the Huang together symbolize everlasting love, and as a bridal symbol signifies “inseparable fellowship.” The Feng symbolizes a duality, the yin-yang, mutual interdependence in the universe.

And this is how it associates with the Bichup Ja Saeng Essence. The Essence is the Huang and the Court Cream is the Feng.

  • Bichup Ja Saeng Essence






Just as gorgeous and comes in a pump bottle!


  • Secret Court Cream

As you can see, the cream is more of a balm. It is very dense and thick and it can’t be called a cream at all. Balm is definitely more of the word to describe it.

However don’t be deceived by it. Even though it is thick and dense in texture, it sure melts and applies easily on your skin. It absorbs really quick despite it’s texture as well.

Best of all, they don’t feel greasy and oily once applied. It’s amazing! It really ‘envelopes’ the skin and it might even be alright for those with oily skin (night use). Those with dehydrated skin or lines will absolutely find this amazing.

A little idea on my skin type. I have oily combination skin, and the cream was great even for my oily combination skin. To make it less ‘heavier’ for those of us with oily skin – i mix it together with the Ja Saeng serum and it becomes perfect even for a day cream!

If i don’t have time to mix both during the day, i usually apply some cream on just the spots where i have trouble, and places where i would like to focus on ( like my forehead ).

Like i mentioned earlier in the post, the cream and the ja saeng essence are a duo. The cream was made in mind to complement the Ja Saeng serum. Both of them are multi-purpose creams and can be used to heal all sorts of skin trouble.

When mixed, they become sort of like a gel-like texture and becomes even easier to apply on the face. Here are photos and instructions to show you how to mix these two together :

1) Put the appropriate amount of the cream on your palms

2) Beside the cream, place also the same amount of the Ja Saeng Essence

3) Use a finger and mix both the serum and cream until the ‘whiteness’ of the cream dissapears and you achieve a sticky gel like texture.

4) This is the gel like sticky consistency that is ideal.

This is how sticky the texture can be once it is mixed!

  • Ja Saeng Essence

The Ja Saeng Essence has a yellowish colour and has like a sticky gel texture. Once applied, it leaves your skin very soft and supple and hydrated.

However, it does give an initial stickiness but that disappears once you apply it to your skin.

It hydrates the skin and makes it radiant.


  • Ja Saeng Essence






The Secret Royal Cream is an amazing balm. I’ve used it on my pimples, on my dry spots, on my dehydration lines, even on my allergies and bruises. They heal much faster and often take about about 3-4 days to heal. They’re also great on acne!

The Secret Royal Cream also spreads easily, absorbs easily and doesn’t leave an oily greasy feeling despite it’s dense thick texture. It plumps up your skin immediately, and will be your superhero especially during harsh winters. You can feel that the cream ‘envelopes’ your skin and it feels great.

Don’t like it’s too thick texture? Simple!

Just add in some Ja Saeng Essence and viola! You have a lighter, stickier texture that applies easily. Not only that, it becomes more effective! You can apply it just on the troubled spots or even the whole face.

The Ja Saeng essence can also be used with any other line of the Whoo brand and it can be used alone as it is quite hydrating and emollient. The Ja Saeng essence also helps with hydration lines and helps smoothen your skin, keeping it radiant, and young!

Both of these products are stars – they are both anti acne, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, lifting, resilience, anti-pigmentation,  regenerating products. The are great alone, and even better together.

Here is a photo of my pimples after 3 days :


I can attest that it is a great acne product. The balm works great on bruises and rough patches and allergies.  I can’t attest for it’s lifting properties but i can tell that it has worked quite the wonders on my forehead as the ‘lines’ are less visible!

They both have the typical Whoo Gongjinghyang scent! It can be quite empowering but i like the scent.

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3 thoughts on “The History Of Whoo Secret Court Cream Review & The History of whoo ja saeng bichup essence Review”

  1. Hi Hope In A Blog!!! <3


    I absolutely love the Ja Saeng Essence!!! Refines the skin and moisturizes – and its just an essence! I have yet to try the Secret Court Cream – it looks very luxurious! Neat idea on mixing the two. The Secret Court Cream is made for all skin troubles, dullness, discoloration, unevenness, wrinkles, dryness, and even acne, which is why it worked so great on you! It should be used for a long duration of time for it to work though! But it seems it cleared up your acne a lot in just three days!!!! No surprise with The History of Whoo hehe!!!

    I usually keep an extra scoop just in case one doesn't come with the product! They didn't give me one for the Soo Yeon Cream haha so I ended up using the Sulwhasoo's scoop

    Hope, if you do have over heating in your body, I recommend drinking some Chrysanthemum Tea – helps helps cool down the body significantly. Some people with acne have a lot of body heat, so try it out to see whether it works for you. Also, drink carrot juice once daily to cleanse the internal organs from toxins! And eat lots of dark green vegetables and hopefully it will cure your acne!!!

    Much love Hope!!! Keep the great reviews coming

    Korean Skin Care<3!!!

  2. I loved the review, thank you! Can you please liste the product names in korean so I can search for it in Gmarket? I really want to buy both of them! Thank you so much in advance

  3. Hi, are u looking for the full size products? the balm is 궁중비단고 and the bichup is 자생에센스

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